T-Bones Food Store has been serving customers in the North Hills since 1985. The store originally started out with ten employees. This included the staff from the Exxon Gas Station (now BP Gas Station) located in front of the store. As time passed, each of our departments developed and matured requiring more staffing and equipment to handle the ever increasing volume of business. Today, T-Bones, Inc. employees approximately 80 people, of which twenty are employed at the newly remodeled BP Gas Station.

T-Bones Plaza has also grown over the years. When the lot on VIP Drive was purchased for T-Bones Food Store in 1984, Interstate 279 had not even been completed. In 1985 T-Bones Plaza consisted of the food store, Jack & Jill Cleaners ( now State Farm), and the BP Station. In 1988, two storerooms were added to the plaza making room for Shumaker Pharmacy, Beer Company (now Owl Cleaners, Frames & More, & Starbucks Coffee). T-Bones also moved its corporate office to the second floor of that addition.

In 1994, T-Bones purchased the property east of Owl Cleaners which was the former home of Metro Realty Company. This purchase made room for the latest additions to T-Bones Plaza, which included Owl Cleaners, Frames & More, Dr. Matthew Stacy, Starbucks Coffee, Shepherd’s Gifts & NexTier Bank. At this time many changes were also made to the plaza. This included remodeling of the entire façade, parking lot, and creation of the award-winning landscaping design.

Although, much has changed since the opening of Interstate 279, and the development of VIP Drive, it remains clear that T-Bones, Inc., has played an important role in the overall development of the Route 910 and Interstate 79 intersection. However, little has changed as to how business is conducted. Our employees continue to play a critical role in the success of the business by providing exceptional service to customers with a friendly smile. T-Bones continues to offer customers the highest quality meat, produce, bakery, and deli items. Likewise, customers enjoy delicious prepared and catered foods. T-Bones has definitely come a long way and looks forward to serving customers for many years to come.


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